By: Bob Pony, posted on June 29, 2018

Do you have issues where your computer refuses to be shown in the Network at all or any other computers not showing?

It probably looks something like this, assuming that you already have turned on Network Discovery.

Nothing in Network

With Windows 10 April 2018 Update (version 1803 or build 17134), ever since Microsoft axed the HomeGroup feature from it, there has been problems where computers over the Windows Network wouldn’t be shown even though Network Discovery is turned on, but appear to be invisible in the “Network” folder of File Explorer. Follow these steps on how to fix the problem.

Don’t worry! You’re not alone, I’ve faced this problem too with Windows 10 computers since the Windows 10 April 2018 Update for me.

Note: The steps below show the manual way to fix it. A (untested) Network Discovery auto-fixer is available here. It is a batch file, so you can see everything it tries to do by just editing it in Notepad. Nothing is being hidden from you. This tool works by itself, using built-in Windows tools, nothing but the sc and net commands are used for the service starting. If you have any questions about this, contact Epicness#8422 on Discord. All of the sc and net commands are passed through to advanced.txt too, so you can see what it does for yourself. If you don’t want to do this, go ahead to the manual way below.

How to fix this

1. Right click on the start button

You should get menu options

Menu when right clicking start button

2. Click on Computer Management

You’ll get a window that looks like this

Computer Management

3. Expand “Services and Applications”

Expanding "Services and Applications"

4. Click on “Services”

Click on "Services"

5. Make sure the following essential services are running.

If not, then start them and click on them then set the Startup type to Automatic.

6. Enable the last and important service.

Find the service “Function Discovery Resource Publication service.” then start it and set its startup type to Automatic. It should look like this…


7. Profit!

Try going to the Network then if you see your PC shows up, it works! Also, try visiting the Network on another computer on the local network and see if the computer is shown. Don’t forget to do these steps again on the other computers.

Feel free to comment about your experience below.