By: Bob Pony, posted on December 30, 2018

Merry Postmas everyone!

As you can see, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here due to not finding anything what I could write about and mainly due to the past issues I’ve faced a couple months ago. So, right now… I am gonna tell you of what I’ve got for Christmas.

Things I got for Christmas

I’ll add pictures in later, but since I am a bit too lazy to upload them, I’ll just edit this post with images later.

Nintendo Switch

Yep, I’ve gotten the Nintendo Switch this Christmas!

Xbox One Controller (with MicroUSB cable)

Finally, a game controller that I can play with Rocket League on PC.

A Virtual CD Drive emulator (iodd2541)

Finally, no need to waste discs and fuss with them.

Some gaming headphones

At least uses the audio jack, USB isn’t my cup of tea.

1 TB laptop hdd

Obviously, this is gonna go into the Virtual CD Drive emulator (iodd2541)

The future ahead…

The future of what is ahead is beyond quite difficult of what will happen and whether or not that I’ll actually be able to do something special since a lot of things can happen in the future that no will know what could happen by then since everything can change even something little since when I’ll graduate from school in like a few months, but don’t worry anyone can still work on this website since its source is on GitHub to the public which anyone can contribute to this website if they want or you can too by helping you such as Reporting issues or fixing it yourself by forking the repo then editing it then do a pull request.

The aftermath of school graduation

It’s quite hard to think what to do after school graduation since this year is my final year of school, and it’s quite challenging of what to do from there because there’s a point of “What should I do now?”, but if it comes to a point where something can’t be done or whatever happens down the road, well I’ll probably let all of you know what will happen, it might be something good or not… Who knows? Well, I hope you’re having fun in life or whatever you are doing right now. But, ofc that’s just a few months away, and something could change by then… Who knows what could happen, not everyone can predict the future ahead accurately because of many of the conditions that happen.

What now?

As of right now, this website is probably due for a huge overhaul since this website is kinda of getting stale at this point and mainly since I’ve been busy with my own things, I couldn’t really be bothered with working on this website quite a lot due to school and other things as I’ve already mentioned. Hopefully, I’ll start working on something cool and stuff. It’s quite difficult since everyday when I get home from school, I just feel like I am just worn out from school nowadays then I used to be in the past, hopefully it’s understandable for what I mean by that since everytime you get older you just feel like you have less and less energy as time goes on than you once used to have when you were younger. Time sure does fly, but it doesn’t mean I’ll abandon this website, I’ll just try to work on it if I can and if there’s any huge inspiration for me on what I work on this website. Sorry, if I’ve made some errors in this post due to me rushing. Sorry about that.

I wish you all, A Happy New Year!