Hello everyone, this is Bob Pony posting once again and it’s been almost a month since I’ve written my last post since I just felt not very motivated to make a new post nor make a over huge overhaul of this website, but maybe during my next school vacation that starts next month, maybe I’ll spice something up, well… hopefully. So let’s dive into some things been going on!

Along with some questions for me to answer!

I’ve been planning on a overhaul for this website, but could be a problem for some things on here.

What overhauls?

The overhaul I’ve been planning on is doing something simplified and easier to navigate, but it may cause some issues with the flow of some web pages and that it might be a bit while to overhaul.

Other plans do you have anything else for this website?

It’s hard to say what plans I have for this website since it’s mostly complete, well actually not since some things need to be added in and maybe fix some bugs with this website. If you have any please use the report issue feature, thanks!

What’s the future of bobpony.org?

Hard to determine the future of this website because something can change in direction or maybe a new path to something else will take place.

Any ETA on the overhaul?

Could happen or never happen, but there will be an attempt starting on the next school vacation. I’ve just not been in the mood to even work on other things for this website, since I wasn’t as motivated to do so, but hopefully by the time my next school vacation comes, I’ll try working on this website.

Planning on fully moving to GitLab?

If GitLab was fully better then could be a consideration, but I honestly don’t care about GitHub and Microsoft’s own thing as long Microsoft doesn’t make GitHub like complete trash.

What will happen if the “end” comes someday?

Good question! This is very hard to know what will actually happen by then because during the few months, something will change even a little thing, but don’t worry! You’ll be notified if that day comes, but it wouldn’t be a time to actually announce it since something can change or what not.

What about this website, the discord community, and the YouTube channel?

It will be “maintained” for a while, and as I’ve said in the first question about the “end”, it would be announced if the closure actually comes or something.

ETA for the ending?

It’s currently unknown but something could happen, quite hard to tell as of writing this post… But, don’t worry anyone will be notified if it comes for a reason.

Other questions for me to answer I guess.

“What will you do by the time when you graduate?”

Hard to say what I’ll do by then, but something may could happen.

“Anything else that could affect something”?

It’s hard to determine the future, but if something has to get affected, there will be a reason.

“Does that mean, there will still be something new or a surprise?”

Maybe :thinking:

Will there be a “Bob Pony 2” or a “Bob Pony Refresh”?

There will be someday, but I’ll probably like someone to help out and contribute. :thumbsup:

What will it be like?

Something very new and a entire different direction than the current bp

“Well Okay, what would happen to the original one?”

It will be reused to other projects or something else while the “Bob Pony 2/Refresh” will change up things.

Any ETA for it?

Someday or neverday.

“Do you plan on collab with someone”?

Very hard to tell if it would work out well, never really did any collabs with other people.

That’s all!

See ya into the later 2019 of this year!

Comment below if you have any questions or comments about this post.