There’s many old computers that’s being flooded on online stores such as eBay, but is it really worth getting one especially if it’s your first computer/laptop? Short answer, NO. Long answer, depends and keep on reading.

Here’s the reasons why you shouldn’t buy a old computer especially if it’s over 10 years old.

Why not buy used?

1. The condition

Who knows what could be hiding with these old computers… Older computers might have defective parts or something that is worse than it should be. It’s a common thing for old laptops considering how many times the previous owner used them and the harsh conditions they have gone through. If you don’t want to face these problems, then stay away.

2. Bad battery

If you consider on traveling somewhere else with the old laptop, where the laptop isn’t gonna be always plugged into the charger, well you would probably be out of luck since most laptops that are over 10 years old most likely have a worn out battery, which can’t hold any charge.

3. Not very power efficient and bad performance

The main issue with old laptops is their power efficiency, if you try to play YouTube videos on a old laptop especially if it’s over 10 years old, you’ll realize that the battery and the power efficiency isn’t really great since the laptop probably does not have video decoding in the graphics card; therefore, it will fallback to software video decoding which taxes the CPU. If you get the modern budget laptops out there, then there’s no need to worry since they have the built-in video decoder in their integrated graphics nowadays.

This doesn’t just apply to laptops, it also applies to desktop computers. Old desktops, like Pentium 4s and Pentium D desktops, and PowerMac G5s, are also known to heat up things.

4. Overheating

Mainly with old laptops, you might come across a problem where the laptop is too hot to use and burns your hands. This happens on old laptops because the thermal paste has most likely gone bad, but if you’re not the kind of person who knows how to open the laptop and apply new thermal paste then consider on staying away from those old laptops.

5. Warranty expired

The used computer most likely has no warranty because its warranty has expired, therefore good luck if it breaks on you.

Why buy used?

1. Pricing

If you got a budget and of course it’s lower than $80. I recommend that you buy the greatest specs laptop and make sure it’s in actual great condition too.

2. A spare laptop

If you need a spare laptop then sure go ahead, make sure you find a good one and look at the condition of the device and determine if it’s worth buying.

Hopefully, you’ve decided on why you shouldn’t or should buy a used computer/laptop. If you have any more reasons then feel free to comment below as I will update this post later with more details and reasons.