There are many old computers on websites like eBay, but is it really worth getting one, especially if it’s your first computer/laptop? Short answer, NO. Long answer, depends. keep on reading.

Here’s the reasons why you shouldn’t buy a old computer especially if it’s over 10 years old.

Why not buy used?

1. The condition

Who knows what could be hiding with these old computers… Older computers might have defective parts, or something that is worse than it should be. It’s common for older laptops to have problems, considering how many times the previous owner used them and the harsh conditions they might have gone through. If you don’t want to face these problems, then stay away.

2. Bad battery

If you consider on traveling with the old laptop, where it won’t always be charging, you’re probably going to be out of luck if you want to use it. A lot of older laptops, due to wear and tear or long periods of storage, usually have degraded or defective batteries, which means that they will either last for a shorter amount of time, or will not work at all without a charger.

3. Not very power efficient, and bad performance

The main issue with old laptops is their power efficiency. If you try to play YouTube videos on an old laptop, especially if it’s over 10 years old, you’ll realize that the battery and the power efficiency isn’t really that great, since the laptop probably doesn’t have video decoding built into the graphics card. Therefore, it will fallback to software video decoding, which taxes the CPU. If you get a modern budget laptop, then there’s no need to worry, since they have video decoders built into their integrated graphics.

This doesn’t just apply to laptops, it also applies to desktop computers. Old desktops, including Pentium 4s, Pentium Ds, and PowerMacs usually have bad power efficiency, which usually increases the power bill. They also heat up a lot

4. Overheating

Old laptops might sometimes be too hot to use, and may burn your hands. This happens on old laptops because the thermal paste has most likely gone bad. If you don’t know how to open up the laptop and replace the thermal paste, then you usually can’t fix this issue.

5. Warranty expired

Used computers usually don’t have warranty, since warranty plans are usually only a few years long, and most used computers have been used for longer then that. This usually means you have to replace parts yourself. Sometimes, you can’t even replace them, because they are soldered on to the motherboard (for example, CPUs in laptops.)

Why buy used?

1. Pricing

If you have a low budget (usually, budgets under $150), it might be better to buy a used computer. If you do, make sure that the condition of the device is okay. Make sure that, within your budget, you pick the best computer you can find.

2. Spare computers

If you need a spare computer, then buying used is okay. Of course, check the condition and specs before purchasing.

Hopefully, you’ve decided on why you should or shouldn’t buy a used computer/laptop. If you have any more reasons, then feel free to comment below, as I will update this post later with more details and reasons.