By: Bob Pony, posted on June 02, 2018

Ever wanted to know how to host your basic plan HTML website with GitHub pages for the first time?

It’s quite simply really, all you need to get is the GitHub desktop app and of course have a github account. Also, you need a repository to have the website go live.

Getting Started

First get the GitHub desktop app then sign into your GitHub account. Don’t forget to make a repository first!

Uploading files to the repository.

After you cloned the repository to your computer via GitHub Desktop app, just put your html files in there (don’t forget Index.html which is the primary page of the directory).


Now you just push the changes and make sure the repository settings on GitHub for GitHub pages are enabled, you can choose it to go under or use a custom domain.


Hope you found this blog post to be helpful enough. Tell me what you think about it!