By: Epic, posted on June 06, 2018

Epic’s Introduction

I’m Epic, a Discord user since early 2016. I was a former staff of BPC and a developer in his team (BobDev) that has since been canceled in favor of GitCities.

I’m a bad web developer, decent in C# and know slight bits of HTML and JavaScript, as well as tiny bits of other languages.

I previously knew VB, which is the programming language BShell was made in. Yes, I worked on that, and the project it was made for (although my additions never made it at all).

Why I Was Invited to Be a Collaborator

Now, you might be wondering. “If you’re bad at web development, why are you a collaborator?”

Well, I’ll show you why.

June 2, 2018. I decided to fork the GitHub repository after finding a mistake in a post.

I posted a pull request and it was merged not long after.

Same day, I posted another pull request fixing a typo and it was merged.

And then, the day this is being posted. June 6th, 2018.

I was navigating through, when I saw that the tools page wasn’t working properly.

After looking at the source and running the script that is supposed to put it there manually, it worked.

So, after that, I knew it was an ordering issue. I put the script after the <p> tag, and it worked.

I then sent yet another pull request to fix this and it got merged. Soon after, I checked Discord and I saw an image.

Find image here

I was like “huh? what’s this?”

I checked my GitHub notifications, and saw a notification. It said that I was invited to collaborate in the GitHub. And here I am, today. I’m in the process of installing Jekyll as of me writing this post, so I can test the styling of the site. I’ve also tried to give more recommendations since, but I don’t know if any have made it in yet.