By: Bob Pony, posted on September 03, 2018

Hello everyone! :wave:

You might of noticed some of the things on this website has been shifted around, that’s normal. No need to worry. Anyways, I’ll explain the changes that has been done on this website.

Blog Related stuff


Categories are now HERE! This means it will be easier to look for posts in a specific category, also posts now have a label next to them which shows what category it falls under in, also clickable too.



Whoop Whoop, the blog now has pagination meaning that you don’t have to scroll through the entire whole blog just for a specific post or waste data as much.


Author and dates

The posted on date and the author now shows on blog posts instead of the description. :ok_hand:


The blog posts now have some metas and no longer use the default author “Bob Pony”. :wink:

Other things to cover

Quick Buttons

The new button things that are now like near the top of the page in Downloads and Gallery. Meaning that the drop down menu from Downloads is removed in favor of Quick Buttons.

Espi and VS Code

Espi is dumbo that she didn’t test “is-active” class for the navigation menu items, so I had to fix that myself. :clap:

Spell and Fixings

Some spellings and fixerys since spelling and fixing is very important:tm:.

Thanks for reading

Feel free to explain your thoughts below or your response to it.