By: TTtie, posted on July 28, 2018

Oh hey there! :wave:

I heard you might be low on bandwidth, aren’t you? Maybe you won’t, but starting now, this site eats less bandwidth. (And obviously, it’s faster to load!)


First, I have removed jQuery as it was used just for the hamburger menu. The hamburger menu code has been replaced with a better code, without using jQuery.
That’s ~69kB smashed. I guess, if you used to have a 20MB data plan like me, and you valued each byte you have received, that’s nice.

Are you having any problems?

Everyone needs healing. If you notice any problems with the hamburger menu, go ahead and notice me using GitHub issues :)

Hover over Page actions, and select Report issue

When creating a new issue, choose Report a JS issue and follow the instructions listed.

What do you think of this change? Tell me in the comments below. This is TTtie signing off!